About the point at which soft becomes hard. the retreat as harbinger and promise. don't sleep, enemies.
came the crab to say sisters the time has come, armor up. and with the tip of its claw
here in its larval state

In the great night before all things, there was a vast body of water, dark, still, and unending.

From these waters, in the moment of the first differentiation, rose a great ball of light, and on Her shoulders She raised the sky (and called herself the Sun).

Alone She shone above the waters, saw her reflection and considered.

In the second differentiation, She drew from herself and extended herself into another, companion and mirror.

Her She called the Moon.

And there were two suspended above the waters, warm and cool.

And they knew themselves to be as one in two forms.

Now She reached down golden fingers and drew from the waters points of land that arched upward toward her light.

And reached down again and brushed her fingertips across the land, and where She touched it green things grew and followed her movement across the sky.

And the Moon too reached down and traced silvery fingers across the vast waters which followed her movement across the sky.

And still great water and Sun and Moon and living land and green things knew themselves to be as one in myriad forms.